NASTA 2022 Update #1

Preparations for the second NASTA conference Breaking the mould: smashing stereotypes of grand archaeological narratives are well under way. Thank you to those who have pre-registered already. If you have yet to pre-register, you can do so by pressing the Register Now! button at the top of the page. This will ensure that you receive a notification when the official registration opens up on the conference platform we’ll be using.


We would like to thank ARCHON Research School of Archaeology for funding the NASTA Conference for the second time. The support from ARCHON allows us to host the NASTA 2022 conference free of charge via the online conference platform!

NASTA 2022 is now an official Archon Event. Any student member of ARCHON who participates in NASTA can earn 1 ECT. For more information, please visit the ARCHON website here!

New Committee Members

The NASTA Organising Committee had a vacancy due to the departure of Sam Miske, who now fulfils a PhD position at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. NASTA is committed to providing a space for young professional archaeologists and students of archaeology to develop their academic skills and career. Because current committee members Iris Korver and Morgan Schelvis have recently graduated, the committee deemed it important to expand the committee with not just one, but two new student members. The first spot was filled by Zoë van Litsenburg who is a postgraduate research student of Caribbean zooarchaeology at Leiden University. The second spot was filled by Brodhie Molloy who is a research masters student of Heritage, Memory and Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam. The NASTA organising committee would like to welcome both Zoë and Brodhie to the team!

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers has been open since February 14th. We would like to remind you that you can submit your abstract until April 10th to You can find more information here.