NASTA 2022: Announcement!

We are pleased to announce that the second Narrative and Storytelling in Archaeology (NASTA) conference is set to take place on Friday May 20th, 2022! Make sure to save the date!

Those who attended NASTA 2021 might remember that the first edition was not centred around one theme, but that we focused on different aspects of narrative and storytelling in archaeology: the stories we play, the stories we feel, the stories we think, and the stories we tell. The second NASTA conference is organised slightly differently, with one main overarching topic. The theme for this year is Breaking the mould: Smashing stereotypes of grand archaeological narratives. The conference will centre around rewriting outdated (grand) archaeological narratives and conveying inclusive and diverse stories, through new perspectives, non-traditional outlets, and bottom-up approaches.

NASTA 2022 will again be hosted online, but we are working hard to ensure a proper conference feel from the comfort of your own home! With invited speakers, parallel sessions, and different opportunities to have discussions both in text and on camera, it promises to be an exciting day!

More information will be provided in the Call for Papers (CfP), which will open on February 14th and closes April 10th. The call will be open to anyone, but just like last year, some preference will be given to student speakers as NASTA would like to provide young archaeologists with a space to present their thoughts.