Lecture Series Update #2.5: Linda Dielemans!

Last Thursday we announced the lecture given by Linda Dielemans, scheduled for November 25 at 4 pm CET (GMT +1). The lecture takes place online, which means you can attend from anywhere in the world, and it’s free! For those who missed last week’s post, Linda Dielemans is a Dutch archaeologist and author, who will be introducing us to the art of archaeological storytelling. In this ‘half’ update, we would like to share the abstract for Linda Dielemans’ upcoming lecture:

What is archaeology? What is fiction? Can fiction be archaeology? Can archaeology be fiction? Most researchers like to keep the two as separate as possible. At best, fiction is considered nice to have, but not to be taken too seriously. At worst, it is seen as a dangerous thing that fills people’s heads with unfounded fantasies, distorting or even replacing the archaeological facts. Drawing from my own experience as an archaeologist and professional novelist, I will propose different ways in which fiction can work with instead of against science, hoping to show that fiction is an important tool not only of great value in archaeological outreach, but also for aiding and enriching research in an original and meaningful way.

We are incredibly excited, and thankful, that Linda Dielemans has agreed to give a NASTA lecture. The lecture is scheduled to take approximately 45-60 minutes, with time for questions afterwards. If you would like to attend, you can either send us an email at nastarchaeology@gmail.com, or via the trusty “Register Now!” button. We hope to see you there!