NASTA Update #4: Publishing for early career researchers!

ATTENTION Early Career Researcers! We’ve got some incredibly exciting news for you: We are collaborating with Kleos Bulletin, a peer-reviewed, open access academic online journal founded in 2014. They publish current research and review articles by graduate and PhD students, as well as starting independent researchers, from the fields of archaeology and ancient studies (i.e. classics and ancient history). Together with Kleos we aim to publish proceedings of the conference as part of the Kleos issue 5, which is to be published in April/May 2022.

Are you currently a graduate or PhD student planning to submit your abstract or have you already submitted yours? If your paper is accepted for the conference, as a student-speaker, your paper will be sent in to Kleos for editorial review which will provide you with feedback to prepare for peer review. Please be aware that the regular peer review process applies and as such final publication depends on the feedback from this process (see the Kleos Author guide). If anyone who is not a student-speaker during NASTA 2021 would like to contribute to the issue as well, they can enter the process through Kleos during their Call for Papers.


We feel participating in this publication experience might be very valuable for the future academic careers of our speakers. Student-speakers will be contacted whether they would like to pursue this route. So if you are interested in presenting, but do not want to take part in our Kleos collaboration, don’t worry! You are not obligated to participate.

We are exited and thankful that Kleos has agreed to the collaboration. We hope this encourages you to send in your abstract. You have until March 10 to do so. For any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us via the contact form or via any of our socials!

Call for Papers!